After-sale Service

After-sale Service


The company provides high-quality service and promises the following terms of service:
Users who adopt our design proposal will enjoy 12-month free warranty for the main unit and 6-month warranty for other accessories (the warranty period starts from the date of purchase), and lifetime maintenance
One of the following situations is not covered by the warranty, and our company will repair it at the actual charge
1.Damage caused by improper use, maintenance or storage by consumers;
2.Damage caused by the installation and maintenance of non-specialized technical service units designated by our company (including installation or dismantling and repair by consumers themselves)
3.Damage caused by irresistible natural disasters;
Within 24 hours response, after receiving the user's repair notice; contact the user, and arrange repair or instruct the customer to return the machine to the factory for repair. Normal failure conditions are repaired within two working days.
Maintenance/Technical Service Hotline: +86-15986783117
FAX:  86-755-2683 3076


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